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Thinking about having us print your documents? Got a question concerning file format, the printing process or other related topics? Here is a selection of the most commonly asked questions about our printing services.

1. How can I deliver the documents I need to print to Stirling Printworx?

Please send us your files by E-mail to or deliver them to the office on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive.


2. Which file format should I use?

We prefer PDF format. For printing images, we recommend JPG, PSD, TIF or EPS.


3. What resolution do I need to print a poster?

For posters or other large formats, we recommend at least 300 or 600 dpi. In some cases, 200 dpi will do.


4. Can I view my data on a PC before printing?

As an extra service for our customers, we've installed a computer workstation. Commonly used programs such as Microsoft Word or Open Office are pre-installed and there is a universal card reader at your disposal. Naturally, this service is available at no extra charge.


If you have any more questions about your printing requirements...

Simply call us on +44 1786 462010 or use our contact form.

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